Perform Advanced Searches

1. Boolean Logic

The familiar boolean operators are also supported

  1. AND / and / &&
  2. OR / or / ||
  3. NOT / not / !

However, beware that they do not honor the usual precedence rules, so parentheses should be used whenever multiple operators are used together.

eg:((quick AND fox) OR (brown AND fox) OR fox) AND NOT news
The final query is visible on the grey query box

2. Bracketing

Parentheses should be used whenever multiple operators are used together.

By default, the boolean logic used to interpret text in the query string if no operators are specified is OR. This means that if no operator is added before or after a bracket, it will assume to be an OR operator.

In this example, since the inner bracket ends with a AND operator, it will remain as is, but as the outer bracket does not have an operator to connect to “news”, it will be considered an OR operator, as shown in the grey query box.

3. Quotation Marks

By default, quotation marks will be added to all words/phrases, this means that the entire phrase must be present in the text as is.

text1: "There was a man in a brown that ran very quick"

text2: "The quick brown fox"
query: "quick brown"

The above query will return text 2 but not text 1

query: "quick" AND "brown"

The above query will return both text 2 and text 1

4. Case Sensitivity

All queries are case insensitive!

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