Preserving Brand Image Online Using Social Media Tracking

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Providing an excellent experience for your social media audience can increase customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty. While some may not view social media as the most personal platform for building customer relationships, if done right, you can form meaningful connections with your online audience. Communicating with your online audience on a personal level can resonate with your customers. Social media can be used as a space for subtle yet persistent reminders of your brand from both community managers and your brand representatives, which you can easily find through social listening.    

Social media mention tools can help you track any mentions of your brand across various social sites to see how much noise you are making. Here are some tips on how to use social media to build brand awareness.

Why use social media?

Being active on social media has several business benefits, and there are many things you can achieve with your social presence, such as providing customer service, acquiring customers, generating leads, expanding your audience, increasing sales, increasing web traffic, receiving a profit, valuable information and feedback; and much more.    

Growing your brand on social media has many benefits. It can help you improve your customer experience, empower you to connect with customers and prospects to the next level, help you engage your audience, and reach new audiences. Social and digital marketing offers organizations significant opportunities by lowering costs, increasing brand awareness and increasing sales. Therefore, it would be wrong to overlook the power of social media in driving brand awareness.    

Your audience can start paying attention to your brand and can interact with you through hashtags. You can attract audiences by sharing original and third-party content linked to brand information or organizing contests and social events related to them. Mentioning brands or influencers can also benefit you on other accounts to increase your followers and audience.    

Healthy customer relationships are essential to build brand awareness and increase sales. By showing that you care about your customers, you can encourage more people to trust your brand and make purchases.    

It also makes your brand more human and lets your customers know more about you.

Why Track Social Media

Tracking online conversations about your brand is key to understanding the real impact of your campaigns beyond likes and comments. Monitoring social conversations about your industry will give you an idea of ​​who is the most influential person. You can find the right audience and reach out to them directly by collecting and filtering your mentions online.    

You can join online conversations, solve and respond to customer needs, and find exciting new sales opportunities. You will track the conversations surrounding your brand by analyzing engagement, reach, comments, and the sentiment behind it. In this way, you can understand who, when, and where to discuss your brand and industry topics. You will understand how customers interact with your brand, and you can even post messages directly from the dashboard.    

How to Monitor Social Media

A successful social media tracking strategy can help you optimize all your brand mentions and search parameters in one place so you can focus your time on responding to essential posts and developing a strategy based on your ideas. If you find yourself spending more time switching between social platforms and performing complex manual searches for mentions rather than brand mentions, then you need a social media tracking strategy.    

You can use various software tools to automate the tracking of your brand and product mentions online, both on social media and on review sites. Responding to social media mentions of your business is an integral part of maintaining a brand’s social media presence and allows you to resolve any concerns and complaints in real-time. But it’s not enough to passively track mentions of your business online or in real life.    

To build your reputation, you need to listen and engage/respond. Social media monitoring involves tracking the mentions of your brands online and responding to any interaction with them.    

Now that you know the benefits of social media monitoring, try KommonPoll‘s easy-to-use monitoring tools to see what information you can find for your brand.

It allows you to set up alerts that will notify you when someone mentions your brand, for better or for worse. You can even use it to study your competitors and stay on top of what’s happening in your industry. It also provides data on your brand strength – how often your company is discussed on social media – as well as sentiment, influence, and reach. Mentions are also displayed in real-time.

Social statistics such as measuring influence and participation can help clarify all aspects of brand strategy. By measuring these social strategies manually or using tools, you can better determine whether to adjust your strategy to build brand awareness among potential customers. 

Using Kommon Poll, you are not only able to search for brand names of your competition in order to identify the public opinion on your competitors, but you can also search keywords to find out how widespread the individual keywords are. Using this tool enables you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, what your competitors are doing differently and help you better formulate a marketing strategy.

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