Stay Ahead with Competitor Analysis

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Competitor analysis is essential for understanding your market landscape, identifying opportunities, and staying ahead of the competition. With Kommon Poll™, you can gather comprehensive data on competing brands, analyze key metrics, and compare performance to gain a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Gather all available public data for competing brands to gain insights into their activities and strategies.

Share of Voice

Measure the share of brand mentions in online conversations to assess brand visibility and market presence.

Share of Influence

Analyze the influence of competing brands based on factors such as engagement, reach, and sentiment to gauge their impact on the market.

Share of Voice Comparison

Compare the share of voice between competing brands for both organic and official content separately to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Key Metrics for Official Pages

Analyze key performance metrics for official brand pages, such as engagement rate, follower growth, and post reach, to benchmark performance.

Platforms Engagement

Identify the platforms where competing brands are most active and engaged to understand their digital footprint and audience preferences.

Omni-Channel Competitor Trend Analysis

Analyze competitor trends across multiple channels, including social media, blogs, news sites, and forums, to identify emerging patterns and opportunities.

PPT Report Generation

Generate professional PowerPoint reports to present competitor analysis findings effectively to stakeholders and decision-makers.

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