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Statistical insights offered by Kommon Poll™ empower you to make data-driven decisions by providing you with key metrics and trends derived from social media and online interactions. From mention counts to reach and beyond, our platform equips you with the tools you need to understand and analyze your brand's performance in the digital landscape.

Summaries on Key Events and Insights

Receive concise summaries and insights on key events and trends in real-time, enabling you to stay informed and proactive.

Chat-Like Application

Interact with Kompanion through a chat-like interface to ask questions, receive answers, and engage in conversations based on brand mentions and trends.

Generate Summaries and Key Pain Points

Automatically generate summaries and identify key pain points from brand mentions, allowing you to focus on actionable insights and responses.

Aspect-Based Mentions

Identify and analyze aspect-based mentions to understand customer sentiments and preferences related to specific product features, services, or marketing campaigns.

Kompanion Filter

Use the Kompanion filter to streamline your mentions by filtering out irrelevant or noise mentions based on criteria provided, ensuring that you focus on the most relevant conversations and insights.

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