Crisis Management: Respond Swiftly, Protect Your Reputation

Navigate Challenges with Confidence and Resilience

Why It Matters

Utilize Kommon Poll™ for effective crisis management, ensuring swift responses and reputation protection during challenging times. With proactive monitoring and real-time insights, Kommon Poll™ empowers you to mitigate negative events, maintain customer trust, and turn crises into opportunities for growth.

Unleash the Power of
Global Insights


of consumers admit that a negative review has deterred them from engaging with a business


of business leaders said technology has facilitated the coordination of their organizations crisis response team.


of CMOs agree AI represents the future of advertising and marketing

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor social media, news outlets, and other channels for early signs of potential crises.

Issue Detection

Identify potential issues and vulnerabilities within your organization or industry before they escalate into crises.

Social Media Management

Manage social media communications during a crisis, addressing concerns, correcting misinformation, and providing updates in real-time

Post-Crisis Evaluation

Conduct post-crisis evaluations using data and insights from Kommon Poll to identify areas for improvement and strengthen crisis management strategies.

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