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Kommon Poll™ is an artificial intelligence assistant that easily tracks online public sentiment and performs social listening by automating day-to-day tasks that consume too much time and resources. Kommon Poll™ enables you to quickly determine the performance of your keywords across online media, including news, blogs, social media, and the web in general.

Whether you use Kommon Poll™ to perform market research, track your marketing campaign’s performance, get alerted of impending issues, keep track of your competition or for academic research purposes, we got your back.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a powerful feature of Kommon Poll that unlocks valuable customer insights. By analyzing and categorizing customer sentiments expressed on social media and online platforms, businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer perceptions and opinions. With Kommon Poll's sentiment analysis, you can easily identify positive, negative, and neutral sentiments, enabling prompt response and proactive engagement.

Aspect Based Sentiment

With Kommon Poll™, you have the power to respond effectively to brand mentions and gain insights into sentiment across various aspects of your brand. The tool allows you to monitor and engage with customer mentions in real-time, enabling prompt responses and proactive customer service. Moreover, Kommon Poll™'s sentiment analysis feature goes beyond overall sentiment classification, enabling you to delve deeper and understand sentiments related to specific aspects such as product features, customer service, or marketing campaigns. This comprehensive understanding of sentiment helps you address concerns, capitalize on positive feedback, and make informed decisions to enhance every facet of your brand's reputation and customer experience.


The World's First AI Social Listening Assistant

Kompanion takes social listening to new heights, providing you with valuable insights, summaries, pain points, sentiment analysis, and advice based on the mentions tracked. It’s all conveniently accessible through a seamless chat interface.

What does it do?

Track Your Competition

Kommon Poll™ empowers you with comprehensive competitor analysis and Share of Voice (SOV) insights. With the competitor analysis feature, you can keep a close eye on your competitors’ online activities, track their social media presence, and monitor their customer sentiment.

This valuable information helps you gauge your brand’s market share, identify areas of improvement, and develop targeted campaigns to increase your brand’s visibility and impact. With Kommon Poll™, you can gain a competitive edge by staying informed about your competitors’ moves and effectively positioning your brand in the digital landscape.


Demographic Analysis

Our platform allows you to track demographics. Visualize geographic distribution and audience characteristics such as nationality, language, age, gender, job types, ranks, and income distributions to tailor your marketing strategies to specific target groups and maximize engagement. In addition, you can access insightful heatmaps of mentions, allowing you to visualize the geographic distribution of discussions about your brand or topics.

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